Quaboag Regional School District

Learn. Educate. Grow.

Quaboag Regional School District

Learn. Educate. Grow.

Quaboag Regional School District

Learn. Educate. Grow.

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Our vision is to provide a safe, supportive, and challenging learning environment in which students may achieve academic success and personal growth.

The mission of the Quaboag Regional School District is to form a partnership with parents and the community to prepare our diverse population of students to be lifelong learners in a nurturing, safe environment with high expectations so they will be responsible, productive citizens in an ever-changing, global society. Decisions are made in the best interests of our students!

A Word From Our Superintendent

Dear Quaboag Regional School District Community,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health and high spirits. As the newly appointed Superintendent of the Quaboag Regional School District, I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve our school communities. I wanted to take a moment to express my excitement about leading the remarkable school district.

First and foremost, let me express my deep appreciation for the warm welcome I have received since assuming this position. The Quaboag Regional School District has a well-deserved reputation for its commitment to educational excellence, a


strong sense of community, and a genuine dedication to the success and well-being of every student. I am honored to be part of this collective effort to shape the futures of our young learners.

Having spent over 30 years in the field of education, I bring with me a passion for student achievement, a deep belief in the power of education, and a commitment to collaboration. Throughout my career, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that dedicated teachers, engaged families, and a supportive community can have on a student’s educational journey. I am eager to work alongside you to build upon the foundation of success that already exists within our district.

In the coming months, my primary focus will be on fostering an inclusive, nurturing, and academically rigorous environment for all our students. I firmly believe in providing equitable opportunities for every child to succeed, regardless of their background or abilities. This means engaging in ongoing conversations with teachers, staff, parents, and community members to ensure we are meeting the unique needs of our students and providing them with the necessary tools to thrive in an ever-changing world.

I am committed to transparent and open communication within our school community.  Effective partnerships are built upon trust, respect, and shared goals. With that in mind, I will be hosting monthly meetings, creating avenues for feedback, and encouraging an environment where ideas and concerns can be freely expressed. Together, we can create a collaborative and supportive network that empowers our students and celebrates their achievements.

As we begin this new academic year, I am confident that we will overcome any challenges that come our way. By working together, we can navigate through these uncertain times and emerge stronger, more resilient, and better prepared for the future.  I am committed to the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community members, and I will ensure that our schools follow the best practices and guidelines to create a healthy and secure learning environment.

I am genuinely excited to embark on this educational journey with all of you. Together, we will continue to build upon the rich traditions and successes of the Quaboag Regional School District, while also embracing innovation, cultivating critical thinking skills, and fostering a love for lifelong learning.

I look forward to meeting and collaborating with each and every one of you. My door is always open, and I encourage you to reach out to me with any questions, suggestions, or ideas you may have. Let us embark on this collective endeavor, united in our commitment to providing the best possible education for our students.


Steve Duff 

Thank you for your warm welcome and ongoing support. Here’s to a successful and rewarding academic year!

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