Policy Manual

Section B

School Board Governance & Operation

BA - School Committee Operational Goals

BAA - Evaluation Of School Committee Operational Procedures

BB - School Committee Legal Status

BBA - School Committee Powers and Duties

BBAA - School Committee Member Authority

BBBA/BBBB - School School Committee Member Qualifications/Oath of Office

BBBC/BBBE - School Committee Member Resignation Unexpected Term Fulfillment

BCA - School Committee Member Ethics

BDA - School Committee Organizational Meeting

BDB - School Committee Officers

BDC - Appointed Committee Officials

BDD - School Committee-Superintendent Relationship

BDE - Subcommittees of the School Committee

BDEA - Standing Subcommittee of the School Committee

BDF - Advisory Committees to the School Committee

BDFA - School Councils

BDFA-E-1 - School Improvement Plan

BDFA-E-2 - Submission and Approval of the School Improvement Plan

BDFA-E-3 - Conduct of School Council Business

BDG - School Attorney

BE - School Committee Meetings

BEC - Executive Sessions

BEDA - Notification of School Committee Meetings

BEDB - Agenda Format

BEDB-E - Agenda Format

BEDD - Rules of Order

BEDF - Voting Method

BEDG - Minutes

BEDH - Public Participation at School Committee Meetings

BEE - Special Procedures for Conducting Hearings

BG - School Committee Policy Development

BGB - Policy Adoption

BGC - Policy Revision and Review

BGD - School Committee Review of Regulations

BGE - Policy Dissemination

BGF - Suspension of Policies

BGFA - Administration in Policy Absence

BHC - School Committee-Staff Communications

BHE - Use of Electronic Messaging by School Committee Members

BIA - New School Committee Member Orientation

BIBA - School Committee Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

BID - School Committee Member Compensations & Expenses

BJ - School Committee Legislative Program

BK - School Committee Memberships

BL - School Committee Participation in Graduation Ceremony

BM - Recognition of Service of School Committee Members

Section G


GA - Personnel Policies

GBA - Equal Employment Opportunity

GBAB - Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

GBBA - Sexual Harassment Policy

GBEBC - Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff

GBEC - Drug Free Workplace Policy

GBG - Staff Ethics/Conflicts of Interest

GBGB - Staff Personal Security & Safety

GBI - Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBJ - Personnel Records

GBK - Staff Complaints & Grievances

GCA - Professional Staff Positions

GCBB - Professional Staff Contracts & Compensation Plans

GCBC - Professional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans

GCC - Professional Staff Leaves & Absences

GCCB - Staff Leaves of Absences

GCCC-E - Family & Medical Leave (Exhibit)

GCD - Professional Staff Vacations & Holidays

GCE - Professional Staff Recruiting/Posting of Vacancies

GCF - Professional Staff Hiring

GCIA - Philosophy of Staff Development

GCJ - Professional Teacher Status

GCK - Professional Staff Assignments & Transfer

GCQA - Reduction in Professional Staff Members

GCQD - Resignation of Professional Staff Members

GCQE - Retirement of Professional Staff Members

GCRD - Tutoring for Pay

GDA - Support Staff Positions

GDB - Support Staff Contracts & Compensation Plans

GDBC - Support Staff Supplementary Pay Plans

GDBD - Support Staff Fringe Benefits

GDBDA - Payment For Adult Education Computer Classes

GDC - Support Staff Leaves & Absences

GDCC - Support Staff & Family Medical Leave

GDE - Support Staff Recruiting/Posting of Vacancies

GDF - Support Staff Hiring

GDI - Support Staff Probation

GDJ - Support Staff Assignments & Transfers

GDK - Support Staff Time Schedules

GDO - Evaluation of Support Staff

GDQC - Retirement of Support Staff Members

GDQE - Employee Recommendations

Section I


IA - Instructional Goals

IB - Academic Freedom

IC/ICA - School Year/School Calendar

ID - School Day

IE - Organization of Instruction

IGA - Curriculum Development

IGBH - Alternative Programs

IGD - Curriculum Adoption

IHA - Basic Instructional Program

IHAE - Physical Education

IHAI - Occupational Education

IHAM - Health Education

IHAM-I - Parental Notification Relative to Sex

IHAM-R - Health Education

IHAMA - Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, & Tobacco

IHAMB - Teaching About Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

IHB - Special Instruction Programs & Accommodations

IHBAA - Inclusion in Instruction - Q.R.H.S.

IHBC - Physical Restraint Policy & Procedure

IHBD - Compensatory Education

IHBE - Bilingual Instruction

IHBEA - English as a Second Language

IHBF - Homebound or HospitalInstruction

IHBF-1 - Homebound Instruction

IHBG - Home Schooling

IHBG-E - Home Schooling

IHBG-F - Home School Students: Requirements For Participation in Interscholastic Athletic Programs

IHBH - Alternative School Programs

IHCA - Summer Schools

IIAC - Library Resources

IIAE - Reconsideration of School Resources

IJ - Instructional Materials

IJJ - Textbook Selection and Adoption

IJK - Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption

IJL - Library Materials Selection and Adoption

IJL-R - Library Materials Selection and Adoption

IJM - Special Interest Materials Selection and Adoption

IJNDB - Acceptable Use Policy - Technology

IJNDB-1 - 1:1 Chromebook Policy

IJNDB-E - User Agreement For Participation in Electronic Communications System

IJNDB-R - Acceptable Use Policy - Technology

IJOA - Field Trips

IJOA-1 - Field Trips

IJOB - Community Resource Persons/Speakers

IJOC - School Volunteers

IK - Academic Achievement

IKAB - School Progress Reports to Parents

IKB - Homework

IKE - Promotion and Retention of Students

IKF - Graduation Requirements

IKFC - Transfer of School Credits to Quaboag Regional High School

IL - Evaluation of Instructional Programs

ILBA - District Program Assessments

IMA - Teaching Activities/Presentations

IMB - Teaching about Controversial Issues/Controversial Speakers

IMD - School Ceremonies and Observances

IMG - Animals in School Facilities

Section J


JA - Student Policies Goals

JB - Equal Educational Opportunities

JC - Attendance Areas

JCA - Assignment of Students to Schools

JEB - Entrance Age

JF - School Admissions

JFABD - Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services

JFABF - Foster Care Students: Enrollment Rights and Services

JFBB - School Choice

JH - Student Adsenses & Excuses

JHA - Attendance Regulations

JHCE - Concussion Policy

JHD - Exclusions & Exemptions From School Attendance

JI - Student Rights & Responsibilities

JIB - Student Involvement in Decision Making

JIC - Student Conduct

JICA - Student Dress Code

JICC - Student Conduct on School Buses

JICE - Student Publications

JICF - Gang Activity/Secret Societies

JICF-B - Bullying Prevention

JICF-E - Hazing (Exhibit)

JICG - Smoking by Students

JICH - Alcoho, Tobacco, and Drugs Use by Students Prohibited

JIE - Pregnant Students

JIH - Interrogations & Searches

JII - Student Complaints & Grievances

JJA - Student Organizations

JJA - Student Travel

JJA-R - Student Travel Regulations

JJE - Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

JJF - Student Activity Accounts

JJG - Contests for Students

JJIB - Interscholastic Athletics

JK - Student Discipline

JKA - Corporal Punishment

JKAA - Restraint Policy

JL - Student Welfare

JLA - Student Insurance Program

JLC - Student Health

JLCA - Physical Examinations of Students

JLCB - Inoculations of Students

JLCC - Communicable Diseases

JLCCA - AIDS Resolution

JLCCA-E-1 - AIDS School Attendance Policy (Exhibit)

JLCD - Administering Medicines to Students

JLCE - AED Policy

JLDE - Guidance Program

JP - Student Gifts and Solicitations

JQ - Student Dees, Fines, & Charges

JRA - Student Records

JRD - Student Photographs